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NOVA KLIMA MONTAŽA d.o.o. is a leading Slovene company in the field of design, production and installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems, including air distribution. It is a well-established company in both domestic European markets as well as the markets of the Middle East. 

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The company’s mission is to provide the clients with high quality services of ventilation and air-conditioning systems as well as to satisfy demands regarding design and installation of technologically complex structures. Our special priority is continuous education and professional growth of all our employees. Our projects are considered and examined by numerous professionals from various aspects which allow for a constant progress and long-term development of the company.

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We want to guarantee our partners overall services, starting with an idea to the delivery of a turnkey solution which brings the best results in the long run. At the same time we perform all after-sales activities of regular maintenance work, intervention procedures and system changes according to the clients’ needs and wishes. In order to progressively ensure the best standards for our consumers and the environment, we diligently and constantly look for new solutions.

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Our strategic plan is to connect various segments of the company in a way which will unanimously form a collection of flexible manufacturing alongside the installation and service team who rapidly responds to the needs of the surroundings. At the same time we wish for this collection, which consists of experts with professional knowledge, to contribute to the formation of innovative technological solutions in this field of industry.

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Our company produces and builds quality materials, technologies and equipment with low energy consumption which have a minimal impact on the environment. Procedures in the production process are neither environment nor employee dangerous. Together with our suppliers we provide products that comply with the strictest environmental standards and the European directives which determine the care for the environment and consumers.

Quality services of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Our projects are considered and examined by numerous professionals from various aspects which allow for a constant progress and long-term development of the company. 

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